How to turn off capacitive keys backlight of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge


Sadly, among the first unlucky victims of Samsung’s trimming down of TouchWiz was the ability to configure the backlighting behavior of the capacitive keys. Previously, users were allowed to completely disable it, manage for how long it will stay on, or even leave it always on, because why not?

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Despite the nifty added value that this feature offered, the times are a-changing and we will have to accept that. Luckily, as with almost all things Android-related, there is an easy way to modify the backlighting of said keys with the help of a free third-party app. This method works with the Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Note 5, and now, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as well.

Step – 1 : First of all, go to the Play Store and download Galaxy Button Lights. It’s a nifty free app that does what Samsung doesn’t want to do anymore.

Step – 2 : After you open it, you will be greeted by a set of options that are pretty self-explanatory, but here goes. Just make sure you press the button at the bottom to apply all changes after you’re ready.

Step – 3 : You can easily turn all backlighting off…

Step – 4 : … Or set it to always on, if you wish.


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