Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery improving tips


Samsung is one of the most mobile brand in the world. This brand have many flagship and mid range price Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the one of best flagship smartphone of Samsung brand. Though it has a large 3,000 mAh battery, some users just can’t get enough juice out of this phablet. How do you go about extending those precious hours of usage?

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We have put together a nifty list of tips and tricks that will take your phone the extra mile. Shall we get started with these battery life tips and tricks?


Check for ‘Abnormal Battery Usage’

Samsung’s supersized phone has a pretty cool feature in its ‘Battery’ section, under the settings. Look for an option that reads “Abnormal battery usage” to check if any of your apps have been using more juice than they should. Many apps misbehave and start causing havoc around your gadget, so check this neat little feature often and deal with rogue apps as soon as possible.
Set a shorter screen timeout

Let’s face it, we can be a bit lazy and sometimes our lives are amazingly busy. Very rarely do I manually turn off my Smartphone screen; I usually just let the screen timeout option do its thing. This will waste a lot of battery in the long run, so go into Settings > Display > Screen timeout and set a lower option if you want your screen to go off sooner during moments of inactivity.

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