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HTC Mini+ is a Bluetooth phone. This is a remote control of your Smartphone. You can use this phone connected through Bluetooth with your HTC Smartphone . You can use this phone as like the second screen of your Smartphone. The procedure is given below how you can connect it with your Smartphone.

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Charging your HTC Mini+

Before using your HTC Mini+ for the first time, you should give it a full charge. Charging time depends on the power source. Use an official HTC AC adaptor for a faster charging time. To charge your HTC Mini+, connect one end of the USB cable to the USB connector on the HTC Mini+, and the other end to the power source.

   Red LED    Charging
   Green LED    Fully charged


Important: The HTC Mini+ will not charge if its battery temperature is greater than 50°C or less than 0°C.

Turning your HTC Mini+ on or off

To turn your HTC Mini+ on, short press  end call/back button.

To turn your HTC Mini+ off, press and hold end call/back button.

Pairing your HTC Mini+ via NFC

Step- 1. Turn your HTC Mini+ on, then press enter button and show NFC Signal .

Step-2. On your phone, turn NFC on.

Step-3. Place your HTC Mini+ back-to-back with your phone.

Step-4. Tap Yes when you’re prompted to pair your HTC Mini+.

Pairing your HTC Mini+ via Bluetooth

Step-1. Turn your HTC Mini+ on .

Step-2. On your phone, turn Bluetooth® on and then tap Bluetooth to see the list of available Bluetooth devices.

Step-3. Tap HTC Mini+ to pair.

When  HTC Mini+ connected with your Smartphone  showing  notification icon on HTC Mini+.

Disconnecting your HTC Mini+

If you want to temporarily disconnect your HTC Mini+, tap HTC Mini+ in your phone’s Notification panel.

Taking photos

You can use your HTC Mini+ to remotely operate the camera shutter on your phone.

Step-1. On your phone, open the Camera app.

Step-2. On your HTC Mini+, select > Camera.

Step-3. To take a shot, press enter button .

Note: If your phone supports  continuous  shooting , press and hold enter to take multiple shots.

Controlling your TV

HTC Mini+ can remotely control any TV remotes you’ve set up on your phone.

Installing the TV app

Your phone must have the HTC TV app installed for HTC Mini+ to control your TV.

Step-1. On your HTC Mini+, select > TV.

Step-2. When you see the message asking you to install the TV app, press enter button . You’ll receive an application update notification on your phone.

Step-3. On your phone, slide the Notification panel open, and then tap TV application available > Install to install the TV app.

Choosing a remote control profile

Step-1. On your HTC Mini+, select > TV > Remote.

Step-2. Select a remote control profile and press enter button .

Turning your TV on or off

Step-1. On your HTC Mini+, select > TV > Power.

Step-2. Select an option and then press  enter button.

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