Update for Google Keyboard


Google has released v5.0 of the Google Keyboard, and this is a big one.

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The UI gets lots of little changes. You can now enable borders for keys so it doesn’t look like one plain surface. Google dropped the old Holo themes and the light and dark Material Design themes are the only ones available.

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Major Changes:

One-handed mode (right or left justified)

Adjustable Keyboard Height

Toggle to show borders around keys

Toggle to allow for long-press to access symbols

New gestures: delete words and cursor control

Minor Changes:

New numpad/emoji button locations around the spacebar

Opt-in to share keyboard snippets with Google to improve Google Keyboard for everyone

All Holo themes have been removed

New first-time user set-up screen

Removed dynamic floating preview toggle

Toggle to allow for insertion of a period + space by the double tapping space-bar

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