Facebook Apps latest update disappoint its users


Facebook is a name that is familiar to all the online user around the world. Every single online user use facebook for their social needs. All over the world people remain active in facebook like their daily job. But what if you find no facebook to your daily routine, how your life would be? . It will impact its all type of user.

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Maximum people these days use facebook through its smart phone for their feasibility. That’s why facebook have its own app to give user its own space of comfort to become active . But we all know whenever there is a new mobile app develop its first version always have some user experience issues. Same for this facebook app also. But unfortunately facebook app these days are not polished as other useful apps of smart phone. Its been a long time facebook developer said there next update will fix their bugs related to users issue. But no changes occur, whether it  kills ram or it consumes enough battery to slow down any smart phones performance. A recent update in this month of August caused lots of users in a puzzle. The users are blaming the cell phone vendor, but the issues are actually generated by its app. Therefore maximum users are migrating to its previous versions or some are uninstalling the apps. Now let’s see what facebook app team is going to do about this.

Some examples of the user


Now let’s see what facebook app team is going to do about this.

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