Mobile Phone Safety Tips

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are extra superior than ever. All smartphone come with new features, like front camera and rear cameras, fingerprint display lock access to apps galore and different type sensors. That’s why people faces some problem. For safety use a smartphone have to follow some tips.

Mobile Phone Safety Tips-

  1. Disable your phones background data for your non essential apps.
  2. Always use phone’s security lock code.
  3. Always use a protective case for optimum mobile phone safety.
  4. Install Anti virus software in your phone.
  5. Record details of your electronic serial number (ESN) of your CDMA phone.
  6. Don’t user your mobile phone while charging it.
  7. Always Open links in a new browser window on an Android device.
  8. Back up your mobile phone data to avoid losing photos, videos and other important information.
  9. When in use, Hold the phone away from your body.
  10. Don’t use digital zoom on your mobile phone.