Vivo Xplay7 Smartphone

Vivo Xplay7

Vivo launching new smartphone after the APEX. Vivo APEX the world first smartphone with in display fingerprint sensor. Apex uses the technology that calls screen sound casting that vibrates the display work like a speaker. Where the front camera pops up from the top side of the metal frame. Where it also says that pop up camera design may seen in the Vivo Xplay7 too.

New Vivo Xplay7 first seen in the news last year. Where Vivo Xplay7 with a very thin profile and camera integrated in the display. It appears Vivo is ditching the integrated camera for a pop-up one. Apart from a pop-up camera, the Xplay7 is expected to come with dual rear cameras, a Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.

It has also been revealed that Vivo actually filed a patent for the pop-up camera in July 2017, though it is still a year after Essential filed its own. The patent for the pop-up camera describes the setup as a camera with an electric motor that extends or retracts into the phone’s case (body).

There are concerns about the durability of mechanical parts in a phone, but it appears Vivo has found a way to make it work seeing as it will be using it not only the APEX but also the Xplay7.